Yoolis is over for another year.  Return here as the days once again shorten, the air chills and the ground itself freezes.  2017 dates and info will fall onto this page as the leaves fall from the trees.  

It's time for the return of another traditional Aarquelle event: Yoolis Eve Celebration.
December 31, 2016

2016 info
2017 info will be posted as it determined
DATE: Saturday, December 31, 2016

TIME: Noon-ish  - 11:00ish pm
(Schedule below)

Join us at Rancho de los Jackalopes for a wintry evening of friendship, storytelling, poetry, music and other cold-weather/indoor pursuits.

We will celebrate the holiday season, and revel in each other's company in the traditional Celtic, no, Conquistador, no Celtic, si Conquistador (cut it out, Skippy), no, Elizabethan (you, too, Kipling) ahem, traditional Aarquelle fashion.

There will once again be the famous Viking bead exchange. Simply bring some of your favorite beads, and give one to everyone. In exchange, you will get one from everyone. You will leave with a pouch full of new treasures.

We will have a fire in the chiminea on the deck, so those who wish to can sit around the merry flames outside.

  Schedule: (subject to whims)
  • Noon: gruit making for those who wish to join in. 
  • 3 p.m. Populace Folk Moot (Shire)
  • 4 p.m. Barony Discussion
  • 6 p.m. Party Proper!
 Food & Beverage: 
    Bring something to share (ingredients label please!)
    Chili, sodas, cider and beer provided by the McKenna Clan

Casa De Jackalope

1. A (period or original or recreated) story/poem/song/whatever to share with friends.
2. Munchies/finger foods to set out.
3. Your own body and soul warming liquids.
4. Beads. We each bring some beads, exchange them, and have a unique memento of the Yoolis evening.

Yoolis Swap: Syr Teigr has already closed the exchange, however you might want to keep it in mind for next year. Those already participating: You must have your gift COMPLETE and PRESENT at Yoolis Eve on December 31st.