2017 Viking Vintr Vunderland

Thank you all for attending this Viking Vintr Vunderlandt, and please join us again next year!

January 14, 2017 January 13, 2018
Site opens at 9:00AM and Closes at 8:00PM
Mountain Park Environmental Center (MPEC), 9112 Mountain Park Road,  Beulah CO,  81023,  719-485-4444

    * This site is a city park and is discreetly wet, but there are
       smoking restrictions. Please remember that this site was
       recently endangered by forest fires.

2017 Details (NOT CURRENT! Because it's not until JANUARY....)

 Event Steward: 

 Feast Steward : 

 Site Fees and Feast: 
Site:   for adults
          for adult members of the SCA 
          for 6-16
          Under 6 are  

        *Make Checks payable to ‘SCA, Aarquelle’

Directions (maps at the bottom of the page):
  • From the North: Take exit 101 off I-25 onto Highway 50 and head  west for about 3 miles.  Turn south(left) on Pueblo Blvd.  Go about 5 miles to Northern Ave/CO 78 and turn west(right) onto Highway 78.
  • From the South: Take exit 94 off I-25 onto Pueblo Blvd./CO 45  Head west for about 3 miles to Northern Ave/CO 78,  and turn west(left) onto Highway 78.
  • Then go about 23 miles west on CO 78.  In Beulah, turn left at the fork in the road toward Pueblo Mountain Park.  Go 2.6 miles to the Pueblo Mountain Park entrance.
   Be aware that the actual turn into the site is directly after a strong curve and somewhat hidden. If you pass the main sign for it on the right, you'll have missed the entry. Wildlife, even after this year's fires, are a driving hazard. Bears and mountain lions do live in the area, but tend to avoid us.

Event Schedule:


Note: Beulah is a small town with one small, busy restaurant, and no real store.  Your food choices are: risk the restaurant crowd, travel 20+ miles to Pueblo, bring food, or eat with us.  We are doing a potluck snacks type luncheon during the day.   If you have something you wish to bring, and add, please do so (it would be lovely if you list ingredients for home-made items on a card for us, too)!  This is in addition to the Main Feast in the evening.

Fighting & The Big Game

The Big Game is a V3 (Viking Vintr Vunderlandt - 3 V's) tradition dating back nearly 30 years.  It is played on a triangular field with a goal in each of the corners.  There are three teams of fighters.  Each team consists of a goalie (armed with a two-handed sword no longer than 60 inches) and three or more fighters armed with a single handed weapon no longer than 38 inches.  The object of the game: throw the sheep (a 40 pound sack of kitty litter in a sheep costume) through one of the other team's goals.  A team is eliminated when it has three goals scored against it.  At that point, the two remaining teams continue play until one of them i.e. eliminated by having three goals scored against it.

If we have enough rapier fighters, they will play the game as well.

There will be pick-up fighting all day for both heavy and rapier fighters.

Other Activities & the Viking Olympics:
  • Axe throwing
  • Match lighting
  • Viking foods Challenge Table (this is not part of the feast or luncheon!)
  • Viking Haiku bardic
  • Children's Games (new this year for points and competition) Hunkerhausen, Blind-Man's Chest Bop, and a word puzzle scavenger hunt
  • Arts and Sciences Competitions 

Viking Olympic stations--with the exception of the bardic--will be open from _______  to ______ Participation in the haiku challenge will only be available during the designated bardic time (but participants are encouraged to start writing their haikus in advance).  All olympic challenges will have a certain amount of points and rules.  The person with the most total points by the end of the day will be the Olympic Champion.
Meals / Food / Eating

This should NOT be confused with the Viking Food Challenge Table - that's separate.
The Viking Feast!

Viking 5 Largesse Derby

  What to do: Rather than Dirty Dozen, we're asking participants to make 5 items  (Viking...5...get it?) to donate to Kingdom Largesse. Please be sure to include labels for your items, and make sure scented items are carefully wrapped to keep other items from sharing the fragrance.

                                            Viking Haiku Competition

Da rulz...er...rules: three lines, syllables 5-7-5. A Viking theme. Write them down on a 3x5 card, bring them to the event, we'll get 'em judged and give out nifty prizes.

Some egregious examples:

Easter bunny here.
Good omen for the mead hall!
Tastes great with dumplings.

Death, violence, pillage
Gore, slaying, drunken mayhem
We say: Life is good

Sword thanes struck at dawn,
Slew helpless peasants all day, 
Now it's Miller time!

Mead, glorious mead,
It's everything a Viking
needs. Except a sword.

And a personal favorite…
Hit by lightning,
But I'm not too Thor, must be 
a struck of Loki

Maps & Directions:


Or follow their directions page below:

Map to the Park