Highlands Rapier Camp & Outlands War Collegium

JULY 14 - 16, 2017
This is a camping event!

Location: The Big Meadow 
Buena Vista, Colorado 
(Map Below) 

This is also the new Battlemoor site!

Event Stewards: 
Lord Bora Vachir (Borvanshi)
Lord Piero della Casa

Site Opens:  Friday, July 14 at 2:00 PM
Site Closes:  Sunday, July 16 at 8:00 PM
Site Fees:  Adult: $25 / $20 member
                Youth (6-13): $10
                Under 6:  no charge

Event Description: This event is still in the planning stages, more information will be posted as details are finalized. Please scroll down to see previous offerings.

Camping Information: Please bring your own water, currently there is no running potable water available on site. Some local hotel alternatives are listed below if you wish to pre-plan a camping alternative.

Registration coming soon.  (There was a glitch...)

Schedule Overview:

Light Weapons

Heavy Weapons


If you're interesting in teaching in 2017, contact our coordinators:
Rapier: Lady Elora Von Effyn
Heavy: Sir Gaius Marius
A&S: Lady Felicita

Class overview from previous collegiums!
This year we have a range of classes. Will you spend all day in a period class, or take one of the popular 3 hour classes? Will you schedule in a bunch of short classes?  Watch for a more detailed schedule as we get closer to the event. 

Unless the class specifies otherwise, you do not need a green card. This is meant to be a learning opportunity, and we encourage anyone wanting to learn to the art of defense to join us! However, loaner gear may be limited, so we encourage you to talk with your local group / local groups work together. 

Advanced Fencing Sinister or How to Defeat Sinister (Length 1 hour)
"The entire secret of arms consists of only two things: to give, and not to receive." (1671, Psyche, Moliere)

This class will focus on a duel with swords on the same side (left to right, right to left). The focus will be on inside targeting vs. outside targeting, body movement for defense, angles of attack and the importance of timing. There will also be a portion of the class devoted to placement of secondaries, both offensive and defensive. There will also be a brief touch on how to make fighting manuals work for you.
Please bring a heavy rapier, any secondaries and all required fencing armor.
Class Taught By Jehan mo’r, DST

Attacking From the Blade: Winding and Binding in German Longsword (Length: 3 Hours)
This class will introduce techniques of winding, thrusting, and attacking from the bind in German longsword. Students will be introduced to specific techniques such as Setting Aside (Absetzen), Winding (Winden), Doubling (Duplieren), and Mutating (Mutieren).

Students should bring a fencing mask, heavy gloves or metal gauntlets, gorget, a fencing jacket or gambeson, and a blade if they have one. There will be some loaner gear and blades available.
Sponsored by the Krieg School of Historical Fencing, Class taught by Ben Floyd

Beginning Rapier Class (Length: 3 hours)
Have you never or rarely picked up a rapier before but would like to start and to learn? Then this class is perfect for you! We will start at the beginning and go over basic footwork, the four basic parries (4,6,7, and 8), voids, attacks,where to keep your blade, point control, transference, and calibration, along with a few drills to help you practice both on your own and as part of a group. This class will be mostly hands on (and will indeed include some sparring!) and is taught primarily from a street fighter point of view, but there will be some lecture, and as time allows we will also touch on some of the more known period masters of the day that will allow you to do further research on your own.

If you have equipment, please bring it, but if not there will be some loaner equipment available.Sponsored by The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable, Class taught by Master Angus Reid MacFarlane, OP, OD

Cutting Edge (Length: 3 hour)

Swing the sword calmly for if you swing the sword hard it is hard to swing. Calmly but powerfully. - Miyamoto Musashi – The Water Scroll

This cutting class is meant to introduce longsword practitioners to the skill of test-cutting tatami mat for technique feedback and validation. Focus will be on body mechanics, particularly the generation of power and maintenance of edge alignment via hip rotation and subtleties of grip. Diagonal descending cuts (Oberhau or Fendente) will be the primary focus, as the principles employed here can later be extrapolated to all other cuts. Each student will have the opportunity to cut and examine their own tatami mat. Also covered will be the proper preparation of tatami mats for cutting and a discussion on proper sharpening techniques.

Requirements: A blunt longsword (steel preferred but any waster is suitable) and leather fencing gloves.
An Albion Crecy loaner sharp will be available for use, however; personal sharps may be used on approval by the instructor for safety concerns.

This class is limited to 10 students and a $10 fee will be charged to cover the cost of the tatami mats. Register for this class at Troll upon arrival to camp.
Sponsored by the Shire of Aarquelle, Class taught by Tommaso di Friul

Fencing Drills, a.k.a. How to Torture Your Fighters to Make Them Better (Length: 1 hour)
Drills are a great way to open any fencing practice. They provide a good warm-up to get muscles relaxed and ready for fighting, and they provide a way to instruct newbies on the fundamentals, as well as reinforce them for more experienced fighters. But motivating people to go through drills on a weekly basis is difficult, and coming up with more advanced drills that challenge and teach a wide spectrum of fighters is a challenge. This class aims to go over the importance of drills, how to convey that to your fighters at practice, and demonstrate several different drills that suit all skill levels.

Equipment needed: Sword and gloves minimum, full armor including mask are required for some advanced drills
Sponsored by Domus Marius and the Barony of Caerthe, Class taught by Lord Servi di Villano (Servillo), DST

Introduction to Destreza (Length: 3 Hours)
An introduction to the fundamentals, methods of offense, and methods of defense of La Verdadera Destreza, also known as the Spanish school of rapier fencing. We'll cover techniques applicable in both SCA Heavy Rapier and Cut & Thrust. Please bring at minimum a fencing mask and gorget, a glove for your dominant hand, and a rapier.
Sponsored by House Blackwell, Class taught by Master Siegfried Stern, OD

Introduction to Fencing Sinister (Length: 1 Hour)
“When the right-handed and left-handed fencer are together, they ought to be attentive, both of them, to keep on the outside of the sword; this side being the weakest.”  (1763, L’Ecole des armes, Domenico Angelo)

This class will focus on the basics of fencing as a left hander or sinister against right handed opponents. The focus will be on stance, body positioning, distance control and accuracy in regards to the smaller target. This will cover a basic understanding of the importance of the angles of attack. There will also be a portion of the class devoted to the utilization of secondaries, both offensive and defensive.
Please bring a heavy rapier, any secondaries and all required fencing armor.
Class Taught By Lord Jehan mo’r, DST

Introduction to Fundamental Concepts of Lichtenauer’s Longsword (Length: 3 Hours)
This class will introduce students to the background of the German longsword tradition of Johannes Lichtenauer. Students will be given a brief introduction to the historical study of Lichtenauer tradition, as well as an overview of the manuals which comprise it. Then students will explore some fundamental concepts of German longsword with an introduction to basic cuts, guards, and the first series of plays from the manuals.

Students should bring a fencing mask, heavy gloves or metal gauntlets, gorget, a fencing jacket or gambeson, and a blade if they have one. There will be some loaner gear and blades available.
Sponsored by the Krieg School of Historical Fencing, Class taught by Meg Floyd

Introduction to Beginning Giganti (Length: 3 Hours)
This class will cover be beginning teachings of the Italian Master Nicoletto Giganti (1550 to 1622). We will cover step-by-step how to stand engarde, a proper cavazione, and lunging from Giganti's first book Venetian Rapier: The School, or Salle. If there is time, we will cover basic guards and parries with a dagger, cloak and buckler and the ever illusive inquartata and contracavazione.
Class taught by Lady Elora, DST

Introduction To Italian Longsword: The Art of Fiore Dei Liberi (Length: 3 Hours)
This class will introduce both the beginner and the more seasoned longsword enthusiast to the principles of Italian Longsword as taught by Fiore Dei Liberi. The course will be perfect for someone just starting out in longsword as well as the seasoned practitioner that has been studying the Liechtenauer tradition but would like to add some of the Italian guards to their bag of fighting tricks. The class will be a perfect follow-up class to the German longsword classes Sir Tiegr has taught over the past years.

As per SCA fighting rules the primary focus will be on Zogho Largo (wide play) and topics covered will include: Who was Fiore Dei Liberi, basic manuscript interpretation, proper sword grip, stance and footwork, the 12 guards (poste), basic cutting, thrusts and parries, and what to do in the cross or bind. The manuscript of focus will be Il Fior di Battaglia “the Flower of Battle” also known as the Getty. Translations of this work can be found on the Wiktneauer site.

Equipment Needed: fencing mask, padded gloves, gorget and a blunt longsword. This can be steel, wood or any synthetic material that meets SCA safety requirements. 
Sponsored by the Shire of Aarquelle, Class taught by Tommaso di Friul

Manual Interpretation and Meyer’s Rappier (Length: 3 Hours)
The reading, interpreting, understanding, and contextualizing of historical manuals forms the cornerstone of historical swordplay and represents a critical skill set for all historical fencers to possess. Mistakes made in these areas of study can lead to interpretations of historical material that are incomplete, misleading, or even damaging to our understanding of the arts of combat. In this class we will briefly discuss some of the common errors that are made in manual interpretation and how to avoid them. We will then talk about a set of steps for studying and interpreting manuals in a way that maintains as much historical, martial, and academic integrity as possible. Finally we will spend the bulk of the class using this approach to work through and interpret sections of Joachim Meyer’s 1570 treatise on the use of the Rappier; a style of weapon that we would today refer to as a sidesword.

Equipment Needed: mask, padded gloves, gorget, and sidesword or short rapier. 
Sponsored By House Vandal, Class taught by Lord Timothy MacGregor, DST

Paschen’s Fencing on the Thrust  (Length: 3 Hours)
In 1661, German fencer, Johann Georg Paschen published his manual “Short though clear description treating of fencing on the thrust and cut.” Using the English translation by Reinier van Noort (2014, School voor Historische Schermkunsten), we will cover Paschen’s beginning lessons. These lessons give us a glimpse of his knowledge of dominant period fencing styles (Spanish and Italian), but more importantly, the fencing pedagogy he develops that can be used as a basis for a fencing program. We will discuss not only his movements but how to teach his movements and why his drills are meant to be taught in a specific order. While this manual says, cut and thrust, it shouldn’t be confused with SCA C&T. We will have very little percussive / cut work within this class and is open to all fencers. Skill level needed is beginner to intermediary. We will have high-level discussions on teaching and theory, which will also require some advanced knowledge. If you are interested in his manual before fencing camp, please contact Aegeon.
Sponsored by The Shire of Aarquelle, Class taught by Don Aegeon The Actor, DWS

Practice Safe Stabbing: Simple Body Mechanics and Injury Prevention (Length: 2 Hours)
Welcome to the second installment in the basic rapier track. We will be covering some of the do’s and don’ts of fencing movement. The bulk of the class will be free sparring time in small groups with an emphasis on correcting bad habits before they manifest. For instance, we will look at lunging, foot and joint placement, and alignment. In essence, this class is geared towards learning and practicing the body mechanics to make sure that you can fence for years to come.
Sponsored by Rammes Keep in the Barony of Unser Hafen. Class taught by Lady Carmina Della Casa, DST

Sport Psychology and Fencing (Length: 1 Hour)
This class will help fighters to understand how the mind functions during competitive combat. A handout will be provided and note taking materials are encouraged. This is based on the Sports Psychology for Combat Athletes class by Duke Sir Owain ap Einarof An Tir.
Sponsored by Domus Marius and the Barony of Caerthe. Class taught by Don Tahir al-Razi, DWS, DST, DSB

The Short and the Light of It - Smallsword for the SCA Fencing Field (Length: 1 Hour)
An intro to classical fencing style, this class will show techniques designed for light, fast swords with blades in the 30 - 35" range. This means epees! Although much of it is translatable to heavier rapiers. Expect footwork and bladework. Most of this will be theory and drills, but full armor is recommended for full participation as some of these exchanges work best at bouting speed. At minimum you will need a mask, 2 gloves, and a light rapier. Epees are preferred, but a light and short heavy rapier will also work. Care will be taken to not mismatch blade types when sparring. Some loaner epees will be available. All skill levels welcome. 
Class taught by Lord Vyncent Blackmantle

Touch Fighting (Length: 2 Hours)
A well developed sense of touch is not something that often comes to mind when we think about the skills needed to become a top rated fencer. And yet this is often the very tool missing from many intermediate fighters bag of tricks. Your sense of touch helps you determine and maintain control of your bout, and afford you precious time to get the touch and recover without those pesky double kills. In this class we will discuss how to use this underrated sense and combine it with anticipation to bring your game to the next level. All experience levels are welcome. We will be doing several drills so bring your sword, dagger, gloves, and a mask.
Sponsored by Domus Marius and the Barony of Caerthe. Class taught by Mastra Dearbhail inghean Leoid (Jervel), OD

War Class Descriptions
From Sir Robert Magnus, General of the Outlands
Outland's War Collegium: This summer we will be hosting an Outlands Heavy Combat War Collegium. The collegium will be over one and a half days (Saturday and Sunday morning) and will be made up of specific classes, melee battles, and team tournaments. The goal of the collegium is to educate Outlands fighters in melee combat, and teach us all how to fight together and win. Saturday morning we will have individual classes on basics of spear fighting, great weapon fighting, and sword fighting in a melee. We will then come together as a group to cover how to bring these different forms together to fight as a unit. Saturday afternoon will have a team tourney, and then full on melee scenarios. Sunday morning we will have a class on unit tactics in war, then more melee scenarios to finish out the day.

Star Party (9:30 PM Both nights as weather permits) 
Join Fiora after dark to take a look at the stars. Examine the moon through a telescope similar to the one Galileo used when he discovered the imperfection of the Heavens. Listen to stories of constellations. Identify Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Meet in the big field near the archery target, weather permitting, Friday and Saturday nights. Additional telescopes are welcome.  Bring your Coronation site token if you'd like to practice telling time by the stars.
Sponsored by The Shire of Aarquelle, Class taught by Lady Fiora Della’Casa

Site Information & Directions:
The Big Meadow in Buena Vista, CO is a site to behold. It is a working ranch nestled along Cottonwood Creek. The primary camping area is underneath the cottonwoods for which the creek is named. We will have a central camp fire (fire restrictions permitting), but otherwise, assume the same rules the kingdom uses for Battlemoor. Classes will be held within walking distance of the camping area. 

There is an active creek on the site, with most the camp sites being next to the creek. If you have a small child or would like to camp away from the creek, please contact Aegeon. If you have have any other special accommodations, such as the desire to camp with a group, please contact Aegeon as we will only reserve group space via pre-registrations. Anything else is on a first come, first served basis. 

If you have a camping trailer / RV, contact the event steward. There are very limited trailer location on site and a few more in our overflow area (roughly 500 yards from site). We can only accommodate camping trailers / RVs if they are prearranged. Also if you need hook ups, there are a number of camp grounds within 5 minutes of the site, but there are none on site. 

Site is WET. 

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WATER!  Yes, there is a creek, but you really don't want to drink it.  

Directions From Denver (2.5 hours)
Take US 285 South (Towards Fairplay, CO)
Turn RIGHT at junction of US 24 and US 285 onto US 24 (Towards Buena Vista, CO)
Turn LEFT at Crossman / Cty Rd 350 (1 mile past the stop light, immediately past the Super 8 Motel)
Turn LEFT onto the Big Meadow 

Directions from Albuquerque  (5 hours)
Take I25 North 
Take US 285 North (Near Santa Fe)
Go STRAIGHT at junction of US 24 and US 285 onto US 24 (Towards Buena Vista, CO)
Turn LEFT at Crossman / Cty Rd 350 (1 mile past the stop light, immediately past the Super 8 Motel)
Turn LEFT onto the Big Meadow 

Directions from Pueblo  (2.75 hours) Alternative route to Hwy 50
Head WEST on Highway 50 
10 miles west of Canon City, turn RIGHT on state highway 9
Follow CO-9 for 47 miles to Hartsel.  (You'll pass the turn to Guffey.  You'll also pass the plot of land where future events may be held, if we buy enough marshmallow trebuchets and fudge to finish the improvements .)
Turn LEFT on Hwy 24-West for 13 miles
Turn LEFT on Hwy 24 / US Hwy 285 for 14 miles
Turn RIGHT at the light.  Stay on Hwy 24 into Buena Vista
Turn LEFT at Crossman / Cty Rd 350 (1 mile past the stop light, immediately past the Super 8 Motel)
Turn LEFT onto the Big Meadow 

Big Meadow

Other Lodging
While the camping is amazing, we understand not everyone wants to pitch a tent. Below are some recommendations of places to stay in the area. 

Super 8 Motel
(About 1 mile from the site - direct route, just up 350)

South Main Vacation Rentals
They are the newest in the area. The land owner of our site also owns them.

Surf Chateau
This is the newest hotel in the are (just opened), and the land / site owner also owns it. 

For some other options:
If it says Buena Vista or Nathrop, it is within 5-15 minutes.